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Updated: 12 min 17 sec ago

31 Percent Of U.S. Households Have Trouble Paying Energy Bills

19 min 20 sec ago

A report released Wednesday by the Energy Information Administration announced that African Americans, Hispanics and people with children were most impacted.

(Image credit: Ponsulak Kunsub/Getty Images/EyeEm)

Yogurt May Not Be So Healthy If It's Pumped Full Of Sugar

1 hour 13 min ago

A study of some 900 yogurts sold in supermarkets in the U.K. found a shocking amount of sugar is hiding in this so-called healthy food, particularly in organic yogurts.

(Image credit: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

3D Gun Printing Company Founder Accused Of Sexual Assault Of A Minor

1 hour 42 min ago

Cody Wilson was charged with the second-degree felony in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday. Police say the 30-year-old was last known to be in Taiwan but missed a scheduled flight back to the U.S.

(Image credit: Kelly West/AFP/Getty Images)

After The Rains, Casualties Mount Amid Florence's Still-Rising Floodwaters

2 hours 2 min ago

In South Carolina, two women being taken for mental health care died when the van they were being transported in met high waters. Sunny skies have returned, but flooding problems are just beginning.

(Image credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Indicted Congressman Reverses Course, Says He Will Campaign For Re-Election

2 hours 58 min ago

Rep. Chris Collins was indicted on insider trading charges in August and suspended his campaign. Now he's running again, saying "the stakes are too high" to allow a Democrat to win.

(Image credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

What Are The Odds? FanDuel Says It Won't Honor Huge Payouts After Error

3 hours 19 min ago

The Denver Broncos were about to beat the Oakland Raiders — but for 18 seconds, the bookmaker FanDuel said the team was a 750-1 underdog. Some eagle-eyed fans saw a chance for a win of their own.

(Image credit: Eric Lutzens/Denver Post via Getty Images)

Investigation Into Dallas Mavericks Reveals Sexual Misconduct Over 20 Years

4 hours 21 min ago

Owner Mark Cuban has agreed to contribute $10 million to women's causes following a workplace investigation of the Dallas Mavericks.

(Image credit: Carlos Osorio/AP)

India Makes Instant Divorce A Criminal Offense

4 hours 32 min ago

Muslim men could terminate their marriages by repeating "talaq," Arabic for "divorce," three times. The practice continued despite a Supreme Court rule outlawing it.

(Image credit: Rajanish Kakade/AP)

DNA Tests Helps Conservationists Track Down Ivory Smugglers

4 hours 34 min ago

The cartels that run the ivory trade try to cover their tracks — among other things, they smuggle tusks from the same elephant separately. But DNA testing can help find patterns.

(Image credit: Simon Maina/Getty Images)

Experts Are Underwhelmed By North Korea's Promise To Dismantle Missile Site

4 hours 53 min ago

North Korea had already promised to dismantle part of the site. Now, with fanfare, it's offering to let the world watch — which analysts say is not that much of a step forward.

(Image credit: David Guttenfelder/AP)

Doctor, Girlfriend Accused Of Drugging And Raping 2 Women, And Maybe Hundreds More

6 hours 46 min ago

Grant Robichaux, 38, is an orthopedic surgeon who appeared on a Bravo reality show in 2014. Prosecutors say videos found on his phone show the assaults of many women too intoxicated to consent.

(Image credit: Orange County District Attorney's Office)

Manafort's Guilty Plea Details His Entanglement With Russian-Backed Oligarchs

7 hours 12 min ago

New York Times reporter Ken Vogel says that Paul Manafort engaged in illegal lobbying to burnish the image of Viktor Yanukovych, the authoritarian president of Ukraine.

Myth And Reality About Hurricane Risks For Expectant Mothers

7 hours 55 min ago

Research suggests that floods and other environmental disasters can raise the risk for spontaneous miscarriages, preterm births and low-birth-weight infants. Doctors say it pays to be prepared.

(Image credit: Thanasis Zovoilis/Getty Images)

Do IVF And Other Infertility Tech Lead To Health Risks For The Baby? Maybe

8 hours 7 min ago

A small study of teens who were conceived via assisted reproductive technology finds a significant number already have hypertension and premature "age-related changes" in their blood vessels.

(Image credit: Steve Debenport/Getty Images)

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Released From Prison 2 Months Into 10-Year Sentence

9 hours 12 min ago

Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to prison after a corruption scandal. Now he, his daughter and his son-in-law are out on bail after a high court suspended their sentences, as they appeal their cases.

(Image credit: Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images)

Trump Says He Wants To Hear From Kavanaugh's Accuser

9 hours 39 min ago

The President told reporters "we'll have to make a decision" if Christine Blasey Ford "makes a credible showing."

(Image credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Trump Again Slams Jeff Sessions: 'I Don't Have An Attorney General'

10 hours 8 min ago

In an interview on Tuesday, President Trump said his frustration with Jeff Sessions goes beyond his recusal from the Russia investigation: "I'm not happy with numerous things."

(Image credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Trump Travels To Flood-Soaked North Carolina

10 hours 44 min ago

As Trump visits North Carolina, residents hit hard by the storm will be looking to the federal government to "act now" to help with recovery and rebuilding.

(Image credit: David Goldman/AP)

'Humbled To Ask For Help' — Low-Income Communities Struggle To Recover After A Wildfire

15 hours 24 min ago

It is early in the fire season, but nearly 1,400 homes have been destroyed in California wildfires. For low income people, without insurance or savings, it is especially difficult to recover.

(Image credit: Sam Harnett/KQED)

Tougher Laws On Pipeline Protests Face Test In Louisiana

15 hours 24 min ago

A number of states are making it harder to protest the construction of oil and gas pipelines. Recent felony arrests in Louisiana could be a test case for these tougher new laws.

(Image credit: Travis Lux/WWNO)