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Updated: 43 sec ago

As The Planet Warms, We'll Be Having Rice With A Side Of CO2

7 hours 23 min ago

Scientists found that exposing rice to high levels of carbon dioxide causes it to lose valuable nutrients like iron, zinc, and B vitamins. But some varieties are better at resisting than others.

(Image credit: Maximilian Stock, Ltd./Getty Images/Passage)

Saved In The NECCO Time! Bankrupt Candy Company Sold At Federal Auction

7 hours 31 min ago

The 171-year-old New England Confectionery Co. — known for its iconic wafers and Valentine hearts with witty phrases — was sold to the family-owned Ohio-based Spangler Candy Company for $18 million.

(Image credit: Scott Eisen/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Women Accuse Morgan Freeman Of Harassment, Inappropriate Behavior, CNN Reports

7 hours 40 min ago

Eight people told CNN that they were victims of harassment or inappropriate behavior by Freeman, and eight others said they had witnessed such conduct by the Oscar-winning actor.

(Image credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

After 16 Months, Trump Names An Ambassador To South Korea

8 hours 55 min ago

Adm. Harry Harris is the head of the U.S. Pacific Command and is known for his hawkish views on North Korea and China. His nomination comes amid the ongoing drama on the Korean Peninsula.

(Image credit: Andrew Harnik/AP)

Asteroid Impact That Wiped Out The Dinosaurs Also Caused Abrupt Global Warming

8 hours 57 min ago

The crash of the space rock that slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula also warmed up the Earth's atmosphere for 100,000 years. And scientists say it's a cautionary tale for people living today.

(Image credit: SPL/Science Source)

'Very Perplexed': International Confusion, Concern After Trump Cancels Summit

9 hours 59 min ago

President Trump's scuttling of a meeting with North Korea's leader caused South Korean President Moon Jae-In to call an emergency meeting of his advisers. The U.N. secretary-general expressed dismay.

(Image credit: Kim Kyung-Hoon/AFP/Getty Images)

Kilauea's Latest Impact: Blue Flames And Beleaguered Residents

10 hours 12 min ago

Scientists say new hazards are emerging, although they can't say when the eruption may end, leaving more than a thousand residents in limbo.

(Image credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

NOAA Expects Hurricane Season For 2018 To Be Near Or Above Normal

11 hours 14 min ago

After a devastating 2017 hurricane season, the Atlantic isn't likely to get a break this year, NOAA says. The agency predicts 10 to 16 named storms this season, including up to four major hurricanes.

(Image credit: Ricardo Arduengo/AFP/Getty Images)

Family Suicide Attacks: Indonesia Must Deradicalize Mothers And Kids Too

11 hours 15 min ago

Following the attacks in East Java, we may not see family suicide bombers again. But they serve as a useful wake-up call to seriously evaluate deradicalization programs.

(Image credit: Juni Kriswanto/AFP/Getty Images)

Mike Pompeo Reads Out Loud Trump's Letter Canceling U.S.-North Korea Summit

11 hours 25 min ago

The secretary of state was on Capitol Hill this morning for a Senate hearing and he read the letter. Pompeo said North Korea hadn't responded to recent U.S. queries about logistics for the summit.

There Was A Lot Invested In U.S.-North Korea Summit. What Happened?

11 hours 33 min ago

There was a place, date, commemorative coins. Now the whole thing is off. NPR's Rachel Martin discusses with White House correspondent Scott Horsley and State Department correspondent Michele Kelemen.

3 Things You Should Know About Europe's Sweeping New Data Privacy Law

11 hours 50 min ago

The General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect Friday, but it also has implications in the U.S. Firms like Spotify and eBay now say you can ask them to delete data about you they've stored.

(Image credit: JaysonPhotography/Dermalog Identification Systems GmbH via AP)

Air Force Uncovered LSD Use Among Airmen Guarding Nuclear Missiles

13 hours 15 min ago

Military investigators cracked the ring in 2016, after one of the service members made the mistake of posting material to social media.

(Image credit: Robert Burns/AP)

Top Stories: North Korea Warns On Summit; Lawmakers Get Intel Briefing

14 hours 38 min ago

Also: A court sustains a ruling against California's assisted suicide law; a former Navy SEAL will receive the Medal of Honor today; and the Washington Capitals advance to the Stanley Cup Final.

Investigators Say Missile That Downed MH17 Came From Russian Military

15 hours 29 min ago

The plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine in July 2014, killing 298 people aboard. Russia has denied involvement.

(Image credit: Robin Van Lonkhuijsen/AFP/Getty Images)

North Korea Demolishes Its Nuclear Test Site In A 'Huge Explosion'

16 hours 29 min ago

Journalists witnessed as North Korea blew up tunnels it uses for nuclear testing. But experts say it was mostly for show, and closing the site will have little impact on the nation's capabilities.

(Image credit: Digitalglobe)

Trump Praises NFL Decision, Questions If Protesting Players Should Be In The Country

16 hours 48 min ago

"You have to stand — proudly — for the national anthem or you shouldn't be playing," Trump told Fox News, "you shouldn't be there, maybe you shouldn't be in the country."

(Image credit: Andrew Harnik/AP)

Georgia Jury Awards $1 Billion In Lawsuit Over Girl's Rape

17 hours 37 sec ago

"They said a little black girl in Clayton County who was raped is worth $1 billion. That was a big win for us," her lawyer said. Hope Cheston was raped by an armed security guard when she was 14.

What's Going On In Your Child's Brain When You Read Them A Story?

17 hours 22 min ago

There are many ways young children encounter stories. A new study finds a "Goldilocks effect," where a cartoon may be "too hot" and audiobooks "too cold" for learning readers.

(Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR)

North Korea Threatens To Scuttle Summit, Saying It Won't 'Beg The U.S. For Dialogue'

18 hours 1 min ago

North Korea's vice foreign minister calls remarks made by Vice President Pence "ignorant and stupid" and said she was prepared to recommend to Kim Jong Un to "reconsider" the summit.

(Image credit: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP)