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'This Is Not Going To Be Easy': El Paso Students Start School In Wake Of Tragedy

Mon, 08/12/2019 - 05:00

The first day of class in El Paso's largest school district comes more than a week after a deadly mass shooting. "It's not at all, in any way, a typical start of school," the superintendent says.

(Image credit: Mallory Falk/KERA)

Former Charlottesville Mayor Shares Painful Lessons From Fight Against Hate

Mon, 08/12/2019 - 05:00

In 2017, Mike Signer faced a small-town leader's nightmare: a racist rally that spiraled out of control and ended in bloodshed. Two years later, Signer is on a mission of education — and atonement.

(Image credit: Cliff Owen/AP)

With So Many Startups Growing Into Unicorns, Can They Still Be Magical?

Mon, 08/12/2019 - 05:00

Six years ago, "unicorn" became the name for startup tech companies valued at $1 billion or more. At the time, only 39 companies had earned the title. Since then, the club has grown to 484 members.

(Image credit: Amy Scott/NPR)

With Epstein's Death, Accusers Seek New Legal Recourse

Mon, 08/12/2019 - 01:25

Jeffrey Epstein died by apparent suicide on Saturday while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking. With no defendant to stand in court, the criminal case against Epstein is effectively over.

(Image credit: AP)

Retiring FBI Special Agent Reunited With Infant He Rescued 22 Years Ago

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 17:56

After being reunited with his parents, the infant grew up to become a U.S. Marine Corps Corporal. He attended FBI Special Agent Troy Sowers' retirement ceremony on Friday.

Typhoon Lekima Makes Landfall In China, Killing Dozens

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 15:56

At least 33 people have been killed and several remain missing. The storm prompted the evacuation of more than a million residents from China's coast and caused hundreds of homes to collapse.

(Image credit: Anonymous/AP)

From Pain To Purpose: 5 Ways To Cope In The Wake Of Trauma

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 10:49

If recent violent events have left you upset and scared, you're not alone. But psychologists say, there are ways to help yourselves and those you love overcome fear and move forward.

(Image credit: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

A U.S.-China Currency War? What You Need To Know

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 08:00

After China let its yuan drop in value, the U.S. accused the country of being a "currency manipulator." Here is how China manages its money and what a dispute with the U.S. could mean.

(Image credit: AFP/Getty Images)

With Congressional Blessing, Space Force Is Closer To Launch

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 07:00

It started as a joke, as President Trump riffed on the idea last year. Now, Congress could create the first, new military service in more than 70 years.

(Image credit: Walter Scriptunas II/Courtesy United Launch Alliance)

Cash Back Guarantee: The U.S. Redeems Damaged Bills Because The Dollar Depends On It

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 07:00

The Treasury reviews some 24,000 cases a year and reimburses around $30 million to people whose money has burn burned, flooded or otherwise damaged. This service helps underpin the dollar's integrity.

(Image credit: Olivia Falcigno/NPR)

At Least 62 Dead After Fuel Tanker Explodes In Tanzania

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 17:00

A crowd was gathered around the damaged truck, trying to collect the fuel that was leaking from it, when an explosion occurred.

(Image credit: AP)

Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas As Demonstrations Continue

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 15:48

Pro-democracy protests, now in their 10th straight weekend, are posing one of the biggest tests to China's leadership since the 1997 handover from Britain.

(Image credit: Vincent Thian/AP)

Latest On Jeffrey Epstein's Death

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 12:52

NPR's Sacha Pfeiffer talks with Michael Gold of the New York Times about Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide this morning in Manhattan.

Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Manhattan Jail

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 10:00

The New York City Medical Examiner's office tells NPR News that the wealthy financier and accused sex offender was found dead early Saturday morning. Multiple media reports say he killed himself.

(Image credit: AP)

Elizabeth Warren's New Plan On Guns Has A Goal: Reduce Gun Deaths By 80%

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 09:00

The Massachusetts senator introduced a sweeping gun control plan Saturday. She also said people to have maintain pressure on President Trump for more immediate change.

(Image credit: Andrew Spear for NPR)

Opinion: Much Of Argentina Wants Its Populists Back

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 09:00

The election four years ago of pro-market Mauricio Macri was a rebuke of the populism of the Kirchners. As the country heads into a new election season, the populists look to be making a comeback.

(Image credit: Juan Mabromata/AFP/Getty Images)

White Supremacy Has Never Been Fringe

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 08:49

Just as it did at the end of the 19th century — an era of racist lynchings and massacres — the idea that a less-white populace poses a danger to the United States continues to enjoy wide purchase.

At 'High Five' Camp, Struggling With A Disability Is The Point

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 08:34

A day camp in Nashville uses "constraint-induced therapy" to help kids who have physical weakness on one side — often because of a stroke or cerebral palsy — gain strength and independence.

(Image credit: Blake Farmer/Nashville Public Radio)

Dayton Survivor Who Lost Dad After Tornado Hit His Home: 'I Can't Rebuild A Father'

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 08:30

Dion Green is a Dayton resident grappling with double loss. His father was killed last weekend in the Dayton mass shooting. Just months before, his house was badly damaged by tornadoes.

(Image credit: Provided by Donita Cosey )

No Safe Drinking Water On Reservation Leaves Thousands Improvising

Sat, 08/10/2019 - 08:01

The Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon has been without safe drinking water since late May, and some people don't have any running water at all.

(Image credit: Emily Cureton/OPB)