February 2017

Sneak-Peak into Bobcat Athletics | February 24, 2017

Feb 27, 2017
Sneak-Peak into Bobcat Athletics

The sneak-peak into the World of Bobcat Athletics is a weekly broadcast brought to you by WRGC to give listeners a preview of upcoming events within Georgia College's athletic programs. 

Georgia College Connections | Science Cafe: Zika Virus

Feb 27, 2017

Today WRGC continues its partnership with the Georgia College STEM Club to bring you their Science Cafe series. 

Georgia College Connections | Essence of Black

Feb 27, 2017
Essence of Black will be held on March 4, 2017 at 6pm in the Russell Auditorium.

Essence of Black is a program sponsored by the Georgia College Cultural Center that uses music, dance and performance art to provoke thought about contemporary issues in the black community.

Milledgeville Matters | Beekeeping in Central Georgia

Feb 20, 2017
Lake Country Beekeepers Association

We all know bees make that sweet honey, but that’s just the icing on the incredibly important work they do pollinating the crops that add to the agricultural diversity we enjoy in our diets.
On this edition of Milledgeville Matters, we talk with Mary Lacksen, president of the Lake Country Beekeepers Association, about these incredible insects that affect our planet in a multitude of ways.
If this conversation sparks your interest, check out this list of resources Mary Lacksen shared during and after the show.

Stories From the Market | Stand Up and Speak Out for Social Justice | Part 1

Feb 20, 2017
Allen's Market in downtown Milledgeville, Ga

Stories from the Market is a broadcast companion to the monthly storytelling concert series put on by storyteller Jeanette Waddell and the Milledgeville Allied Arts.

Georgia College Connections | Black History Month

Feb 16, 2017
Martin Luther King Jr. prepares to address the crowd at the March on Washington

Since 1976, America has formally recognized contributions and achievements of African Americans through the celebration of Black History Month.

Each Fall on the Georgia College campus, the Cultural Center takes a leadership role in presenting events and fomenting conversation that shines a light on many facets of the African American experince in these United States of America. 

WRGC News | Baldwin Schools Superintendent Recommends Splitting K - 5 Schools

Feb 13, 2017

In their regular meeting on Tuesday, School Board members will decide to what degree they will change elementary education in Baldwin County.

Superintendent Noris Price will recommend breaking up the county’s four Kindergarten through fifth grade elementary schools into pairs of K to 2nd grade and 3rd  to 5th grade schools. These changes would take affect before the next school year.

School Board members have the option to approve or reject the superintendent’s recommendation, or send it back for changes.

Georgia College Connections | Milledgeville Trails

Feb 13, 2017
A bike path like the ones Milledgeville citizens hope to see in their community in the future

Trails are a way of changing the landscape to build a community, as well as improve the health and safety of it smembers by encouraging physical activity.

Trails offer a place for residents to bike, walk and jog, as well as offer a new, more environmentally-friendly way for residents to transport themselves around the city. 

Georgia College Connections | Times Talk | Pay to Play

Feb 13, 2017
Northwestern University players line up

On this Times Talk edition of Georgia College Connections, we are joined by Matt Roessing, a Business Law and Ethics professor, and Justin Roush, professor of Economics and Finance, both from the J Whitney Bunting College of Business.

State Representative Bobby Parham 1941-2017

Feb 10, 2017
Former State Reprsentative Bobby Parham qualifying for his final election in 2008.

Baldwin and Putman counties said goodbye to a long time public servant this week.

Bobby Parham represented Baldwin County at the local and state level for more than a generation. His tenure bridged the democratic party politics of old to the modern republican rule of today.

The WRGC News Desk has this Appreciation

At the end of his career in the State House of Representatives, Bobby Parham was a man from another era in Georgia Politics.