WRGC News | Local Authorities Arrest Two Following Capital City Raids

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When Wesley Nunn entered apartments located inside the Capital City building Tuesday, he said he was genuinely taken aback.

"I was kind of shocked to see the amount of liquid possibly steroids and how it was being packaged and shipped out. It was a very big process. I don’t think I’ve seen that in many, many, many years. I’ve only seen pictures of it--how big something like that would be."

Nunn is commanding officer of the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force, a multijurisdictional law enforcement agency that focuses on drug trafficking. The Task Force arrested two individuals Wednesday for their part in an organization that was distributing liquid and pill-form steroids well beyond the city of Milledgeville.

"It looks like a re-packaging facility for what we’re looking at as steroids being packaged up and sent out throughout the US and other places."

Nunn’s agency arrested James Eric Scarborough and Paul Michael Creech on a combined thirteen counts of possession of different forms of steroids, a schedule three controlled substance. Paul Creech also was charged with possession of a concentrated form of marijuana called wax or dab.

Nunn said FBI agents found the steroids and related materials when searching several apartments located inside the same building as Capital City. Both Scarborough and Creech are employees at Capital City and reside in the apartments. But Nunn said that Wednesday’s arrests implicate neither Capital City nor the club’s owner Eugene “Trey” Britt.

Nunn went further to say the drugs found Tuesday were not a part of federal authorities’ inquiry, and that’s why the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force is investigating. But Scraborough and Creech could see their case elevated to the federal level. Nunn said he’ll be contacting federal Drug Enforcement Administration officials in Macon with the results of this local investigation.

Little is known about what FBI and Internal Revenue Service investigators were looking for when they executed search warrants in several Georgia cities including Americus, Statesboro, Tifton and Valdosta. FBI spokesman Stephen Emmett declined comment citing the ongoing investigation.

But what we do know is that many of the search warrants targeted bars and nightclubs that serve college students.

Capital City owner Eugene Trey Britt and or his brother, former Statesboro City Councilman Will Britt, have ownership stakes in targeted clubs in Americus and Tifton. Additionally, federal agents searched and removed evidence in Britt’s Statesboro home. Will Britt served on the Statesboro City Council from 2003 to 2015.

Undoubtedly, there will be more information coming in this state-spanning investigation.

On Wednesday Capital City’s facebook page said they’d be opening Thursday night to begin celebrating Mardi Gras weekend. They also said they’ll be accepting donations to help fix quote “all the doors that got broken.”