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View reactions to the Roe v. Wade decision across the U.S.

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 16:38

Reactions to the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the constitutional right to an abortion were mixed across the country.

(Image credit: Dee Dwyer for NPR; Tyrone Turner for NPR)

For doctors, abortion restrictions create an 'impossible choice' when providing care

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 16:26

Physicians must treat in line with patients' wishes and standards of care. Some medical ethicists say that abortion bans will force doctors to disregard these obligations in order to follow the law.

(Image credit: Rebecca Blackwell/AP)

Global reproductive and women's rights groups react to overturn of Roe v. Wade

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 16:15

Some nonprofit groups have welcomed the U.S. Supreme Court decision. But many global reproductive and women's rights groups condemned the ruling.

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Netflix lays off several hundred more employees

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 14:02

The decision follows the company's layoff of 150 employees in May and the loss of 200,000 U.S. subscribers in April, the first customer decline in over a decade.

(Image credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Biden will deliver remarks on the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 12:14

President Joe Biden speak publicly Friday afternoon, just hours after the Supreme Court officially overturned the constitutional right to abortion.

(Image credit: Steve Helber/AP)

Here's where abortions will likely be banned or strictly limited post Roe

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 11:59

With the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, abortion bans in many states will kick in. Here are the states with laws with abortion bans and restrictions in place.

(Image credit: Source: Guttmacher Institute; Credit: Haidee Chu and Kristin Gourlay/NPR)

Russia is disappearing Ukrainian civilians. Their families want answers

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 11:13

Ukrainians who were held in Russia detail their detention, hoping to help find a teacher still missing. She is one of more than 200 civilians that U.N. human rights workers say Russia has disappeared.

(Image credit: Anya Kamenetz/NPR)

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, ending right to abortion upheld for decades

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 10:17

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned the constitutional right to an abortion, reversing Roe v. Wade, the court's five-decade-old decision that guaranteed a woman's right to obtain an abortion.

(Image credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Israeli gunfire killed journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, U.N. says

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 08:06

"We have found no information suggesting that there was activity by armed Palestinians in the immediate vicinity," U.N. Human Rights Office spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said.

(Image credit: Mohammed Abed/AFP via Getty Images)

The housing market squeeze pushes renters into bidding wars

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 05:00

Rising mortgage rates and a wave of millennials put more pressure on the rental market. Rents have soared by double digits, but landlords say they're also struggling with higher costs.

(Image credit: Brandon Schwedes)

A federal law requires translated voting ballots, but not in Arabic or Haitian Creole

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 05:00

The Voting Rights Act requires some states and local areas to offer election materials in more than just English. But the support for voters is limited to Spanish, Asian and Native American languages.

(Image credit: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Factual climate change reporting can influence Americans positively, but not for long

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 04:17

Climate change has impacted the world's water, air and land masses. But today's news media isn't designed to reinforce public belief, say researchers.

(Image credit: Ben Margot/AP)

The NCAA says that funding for women in college sports is falling behind

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 03:33

A newly released report shows men's college athletic programs received more than double that of women's programs in allocated resources in 2020.

(Image credit: Doug McSchooler/AP)

British Conservatives lose 2 elections in blow to PM Boris Johnson

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 02:22

Defeat in the two district contests increases jitters among Conservatives who worry the erratic and divisive prime minister is no longer an electoral asset.

(Image credit: Dan Kitwood/AP)

Gabby Giffords documentary comes as gun debates stay center stage

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 01:11

The film on the former Arizona congresswoman and her recovery from the 2011 shooting explains how she navigated gun control campaigns and later a Senate campaign.

(Image credit: Chris Pizzello/Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Senate passes gun control bill and sends it to the House

Thu, 06/23/2022 - 22:40

The first major gun legislation in nearly three decades would incentivize states to pass red flag laws and expand background checks for 18- to 21-year-olds, among other measures.

(Image credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

'Just say it was corrupt' and 3 other takeaways from Thursday's Jan. 6 hearing

Thu, 06/23/2022 - 20:35

Former Justice Department officials described the relentless pressure Trump put on them to find evidence of voter fraud when it didn't exist and a tense showdown in the Oval Office.

(Image credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Former DOJ officials detail threatening to resign en masse in meeting with Trump

Thu, 06/23/2022 - 20:05

Witnesses in today's hearing revealed details of a dramatic Oval Office meeting on Jan. 3, 2021.

(Image credit: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images)

Here's every word from the fifth Jan. 6 committee hearing on its investigation

Thu, 06/23/2022 - 19:31

Read the full transcript from the June 23 hearing from the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

(Image credit: Doug Mills/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Republican lawmakers asked the White House for pardons before and after Jan. 6

Thu, 06/23/2022 - 17:57

Various Republican House members requested pardons from President Donald Trump in the final days of his administration, according to testimony presented before the Jan. 6 committee.

(Image credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)