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Stocks drop as fears grow about the global banking system

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 09:40

A drop in shares of European lender Credit Suisse is sparking fears that worries about the banking system are spreading around the world.

(Image credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images)

Pakistan's police pull back from Imran Khan's home after clashes with his supporters

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 09:00

Police were trying to arrest Pakistan's former prime minister over corruption charges but his supporters fought back, and a court eventually ordered the arrest be postponed until Thursday morning.

(Image credit: Arif Ali/AFP via Getty Images)

The unexpected American shopping spree seems to have cooled

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 08:52

Retail sales dipped 0.4% in February after a surprise start-of-the-year surge that appeared at odds with the Federal Reserve's goal of cooling down the economy.

(Image credit: Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images)

3 new fantasy novels spin inventive narratives from old folklore

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 08:33

Daughters and sisters are at the heart some new fantasy novels where supernatural bargains and shapeshifting transformations are just the beginning of stories that ultimately explore family dynamics.

(Image credit: Meghan Collins Sullivan/NPR)

Gifted jewelry from Saudi Arabia entangles Brazil's ex-President Bolsonaro

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 08:16

A scandal is unfolding in Brazil involving millions of dollars worth of jewels, the Saudi government and former President Jair Bolsonaro.

(Image credit: Andressa Anholete/Getty Images)

A baseball player was ready to go pro when an agent threw him a curveball

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 06:00

Bob Cialdini was ready to sign a contract to play baseball professional in the minor leagues, but he walked away from that chance after the agent gave him some advice that changed his life.

(Image credit: Bob Cialdini)

She blacked out at World Championships. Now swimmer Anita Alvarez makes a comeback

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 05:01

The two-time Olympian artistic swimmer from N.Y. will compete for the first time this week since passing out at the Budapest 2022 FINA World Championships last June.

(Image credit: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

For 40 years, Silicon Valley Bank was a tech industry icon. It collapsed in just days

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 05:00

Silicon Valley Bank was not a household name. For four decades, SVB successfully competed with big name financial institutions only to come crumbling down in a matter of days.

(Image credit: Rebecca Noble/AFP via Getty Images)

So you began your event with an indigenous land acknowledgement. Now what?

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 05:00

Statements recognizing indigenous rights to territories seized by colonial powers may be well-meaning. But some indigenous leaders fear these acknowledgements may become routine and performative.

(Image credit: Aaron Carapella/Tribal Nations Map)

Meet the sargassum belt, a 5,000-mile-long snake of seaweed circling Florida

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 05:00

Since 2011, a fleet of seaweed patches double the size of the contiguous U.S. has cycled from West Africa to Florida, threatening beaches from Martinique to Miami. This year, it could grow bigger.

(Image credit: Elizabeth Ruiz/AFP via Getty Images)

The U.S. has a high rate of preterm births, and abortion bans could make that worse

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 05:00

The rates of premature birth in the U.S. are high, especially in certain states. Experts worry that states restricting abortion have fewer maternal care providers than those with abortion access.

(Image credit: ER Productions Limited/Getty Images)

Honduras says it will will seek ties with China, spurning Taiwan

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 04:17

China claims self-ruled, democratic Taiwan is part of its territory and refuses most contacts with countries that maintain formal ties with Taiwan.

(Image credit: Fernando Vergara/AP)

Special prosecutor steps down in case against Alec Baldwin

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 03:29

Alec Baldwin's legal team sought to disqualify special prosecutor and Republican state Rep. Andrea Reeb of Clovis based on constitutional provisions that safeguard the separation of powers.

(Image credit: AP)

The Maine lobster industry sues California aquarium over a do-not-eat listing

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 02:36

Industry groups are suing the Monterey Bay Aquarium for defamation, arguing that their prized catch shouldn't be on a "red list" published by Seafood Watch, a conservation program it operates.

(Image credit: Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

Clashes erupt as Pakistan authorities attempt to arrest former PM Imran Khan

Tue, 03/14/2023 - 21:25

Khan, who was ousted in a no-confidence vote in Parliament last April, was ordered to appear before a judge to answer charges of illegally selling state gifts and concealing his assets.

(Image credit: K.M. Chaudary/AP)

Ohio sues Norfolk Southern over the train derailment in East Palestine

Tue, 03/14/2023 - 20:38

The lawsuit seeks to force the company to pay for groundwater and soil monitoring in the years ahead and economic losses in the area.

(Image credit: Gene J. Puskar/AP)

Michelle Yeoh called out sexism in Hollywood. Will it help close the gender gap?

Tue, 03/14/2023 - 19:00

The 60-year-old best actress winner addressed the timing of her historic win, which comes decades into her spectacular career. But is the industry ready for more complicated, older female characters?

(Image credit: Evan Agostini/AP)

Neurotech could connect our brains to computers. What could go wrong, right?

Tue, 03/14/2023 - 17:48

Connecting our brains to computers may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but it turns out the future is already here. One expert argues it's a slippery slope.

(Image credit: Yuichiro Chino/Getty Images)

Masatoshi Ito, who brought 7-Eleven convenience stores to Japan, has died

Tue, 03/14/2023 - 16:49

Convenience stores known as konbini have become a consumer staple in Japan. The country had more than 20,000 7-Eleven stores as of 2018.

(Image credit: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

A major South Korean broadcaster omitted 'ladies' from Michelle Yeoh's Oscars speech

Tue, 03/14/2023 - 16:07

The broadcaster said it removed the word because of the connotation surrounding "ladies," offering a glimpse into the tense atmosphere surrounding gender discourse in South Korea.

(Image credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)