October 2015

Georgia College Connections | Choking On Growth: China and Water Scarcity

Oct 20, 2015
Annual Precipitation in China

On this latest Times Talk edition of Georgia College Connections, Dr. Eric Spears talks about a massive civil engineering project aimed at diverting water to China's water-poor northern provinces and how that speaks volumes about water scarcity across the globe.

Milledgeville Area Patriots Consolidation Forum

Oct 15, 2015

A live recording of the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Consolidation Forum hosted by the Milledgeville Area Patriots on Thursday, October 01. 

Milledgeville - Baldwin County Consolidation: Pro & Con

Oct 06, 2015
A Consolidated Milledgeville - Baldwin County: Pro & Con

A special edition of Milledgeville Matters broadcast on October 6 featured edited interviews with State Rep. Rusty Kidd, I - Milledgeville, and Committee Opposing Consolidation Chair Greg Barnes. Follow the links to hear the uncut interviews conducted by host Daniel McDonald.