March 2016

Georgia College Connections | Times Talk | Boss Bashing On Facebook, Can It Get You Fired?

Mar 28, 2016

Jehan El-Jourbagy and Laura Ahrens differentiate between workplace griping and protected speech on social media More importantly, they tell us how to know which is which and what can get you dismissed from your workplace on this Times Talk edition of Georgia College Connections.

Georgia College Connections | 31st Annual International Dinner

Mar 25, 2016
International Club Dinner

Georgia College International Club President Kelly Van Roy and the International Education Center's Jarris Lanham talk with host Daniel McDonald about the 31st International Dinner, which takes place at 7 p.m., Saturday, April 2 in the Magnolia Ballroom on the campus of Georgia College in downtown Milledgeville. 

Georgia College Connections | Times Talk | Open Educational Resources

Mar 09, 2016
Image by Evan Leavitt

Director of Libraries at Georgia College and host to the Times Talk, Dr. Joe Mocnik joins host Daniel McDonald to talk about Open Educational Resources and efforts within the University System of Georgia and at Georgia College to lessen the cost of higher education. 
The articles for this conversation include: 

Georgia College Connections | Artist Corey Barksdale at The Sallie Ellis Davis House

Mar 08, 2016
Artwork from the exhibit Corey Barksdale: Painting Progress

In this episode of Georgia College Connections, Old Governor's Mansion Curator Molly Randolph talks about an upcoming exhibit at the Sallie Ellis Davis House featuring the work of Atlanta-artist Corey Barksdale.

From the Georgia College website announcing the exhibit: