September 2016

Rezoning Requests Renew Controversy Over Student Housing In Historic District

Sep 28, 2016
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In 2006, the City of Milledgeville passed a local ordinance limiting the number of unrelated persons who could live in a single-family residence. At the time, it was a controversial attempt to preserve the character of neighborhoods surrounding downtown and Georgia College.


Ten years later, a new slate of zoning requests makes it clear that the controversy remains in tact.


The WRGC News Desk has this report.


Georgia College Connections | Times Talk | The Economic and Political Impact of Brexit

Sep 28, 2016
scrabble letters spelling out Brexit and EU

In this Times Talk edition of Georgia College Connections, Political Science Professor Dr. Steven Elliott-Gower talks about the economic and political impact of Great Britain’s decision to exit the European Union.


This conversation referenced this NY Times article:

Milledgeville Matters | Re - Introducing Black Heritage Plaza In Downtown Milledgeville

Sep 16, 2016
Monument marking Black Heritage Plaza in downtown Milledgeville

Angie Martin of the Milledgeville Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce and Hank Griffeth of the City of Milledgeville join host Daniel McDonald to talk about the Black Heritage Plaza Shindig, an event celebrating improvements to the downtown plaza. 
They also talk about a John S. and James L. Knight Foundation trip that taught them about low-cost means of piloting public space improvement projects and how to implement them and measure their success.

WRGC Arts Update | Multimedia Artist Lyle Manring on his new Rustic Art

Sep 14, 2016
Multimedia Artist Lyle Manring on the left and an inlaid image of the handmade chair that inspried him to begin crafting furniture.

Lyle Manring's new exhibit Rustic Arts: Where Graphic Design meets Grand Design features the multimedia artist's newest creative endeavor: furniture made from natural and repurposed objects.
In this audiopostcard, Manring talks about the first piece that inspired him to explore this new artistic outlet.
Rustic Arts: Where Graphic Design meets Grand Design is on display at the Allied Arts Marlor Arts Center in downtown Milledgeville through Friday, October 7, 2016.

Georgia College Connections | Dr. Stephanie Opperman in Cuba

Sep 08, 2016
A map of Cuba, with just a little bit of Florida showing in the north

In this edition of Georgia College Connections, Dr. Stephanie Opperman talks about the history of Cuba and her personal experiences traveling to the country. Opperman traveled to Cuba to open a dialogue with Cuban professors about potential educational partnerships between colleges and universities in the two countries.  

As a result of this trip, Opperman is working to develop the curriculum for a Cuban study abroad program at Georgia College. 

Georgia College Connections | Times Talk | Freedom Of Expression On College Campuses

Sep 06, 2016
Sign designating a First Amendment Area in the Muir Woods of California

Mass Communications Professor Pate McMichael joins host Daniel McDonald for a conversation about the increasingly contentious debate over free speech and the responsibility of universities to maintain a welcoming learning environment on college campuses across the country. In academia today, protecting these two imperatives may be at odds with one another.