July 2018

Georgia College Connections | Peter Selgin Explores The Bond Between Readers And Writers In Your First Page

Jul 26, 2018
Writer Peter Selgin

Peter Selgin is a novelist, essayist, playwright, editor and visual artist. But he also is a teacher. He believes deeply in the craft of writing and that it must be learned so that the writer can unlock their true potential.


One stream of Selgin’s published output focuses on helping other writers master the craft.

Elizabeth McRae And The Mothers Of Massive Resistance

Jul 13, 2018
Book cover for Elizabeth McRae's Mothers of Massive Resistance

In her book The Mothers of Massive Resistance: White Women and the Politics of White Supremacy, historian Elizabeth Gillespie McRae argues that the slow, steady work women do to sustain movements is too often overshadowed by the public personas of those movements’ male leaders. That distorts our understanding of the past and obscures the systems at play in the present.

Milledgeville Matters | Old Capital Museum Settling Into New Home at Central State

Jul 12, 2018
Illustration of the Depot, Future home of Georgia's Old Capital Museum Society

Georgia’s Old Capital Museum Society began preparing its new home on the campus of Central State Hospital in late 2016. Eighteen months later, they’re raising money toward the restoration of a new cultural center in the history train depot.

On this edition of Milledgeville Matters, Executive Director Amy Wright talks about the society’s expanding mission and growing opportunities on the city’s southside.

Georgia College Connections | Shangri - Baa and the Fight for Agrobiodiversity

Jul 06, 2018
Image of six Gulf Coast Native Sheep sitting and standing in a field.

On this edition of Georgia College Connections, Georgia College Faculty member Cynthia Alby talks about Shangri-Baa, a 27-acre farm in Gordon, Georgia, dedicated to the preservation of Gulf Coast Native Sheep and the Pyrenes Mastiff  dogs that help protect the herd.


Alby also talks about the larger issue of the world’s shrinking agrobiodiversity and what she’s doing to affect that issue from their 27-acre corner of the world—Shangri-Baa.


You can learn more about Shangri-Baa at www.shangri-baa.com