November 2019

MIlledgeville Matters | Central State Hospital Named to Georgia Trust's Places In Peril List

Nov 21, 2019
Image of the Jones Building at Central State Hospital. Image courtesy the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, Photo by MotorSportMedia/Halston Pitman/Nick Woolever

With over 2000 acres of land and as many as 200 buildings, the campus of the former Central State Hospital is a city unto itself in Milledgeville’s Southside.

But the history of the hospital and the landscape and buildings that remain there continue to help us understand Milledgeville’s story and it’s place in Georgia and these United States.

On this edition of Milledgeville Matters, Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation President and CEO Mark C McDonald talks with host Daniel McDonald about Central State Hospital’s inclusion on the Trust’s 2020 Places in Peril List.

Milledgeville Matters | The Silas Agency Presents "It's A Thin Line"

Nov 20, 2019
The Silas Agency Production of It's A Thin Line will premiere in November 2019. Image shows a woman standing with her arms around a seated man.

The Silas Agency will stage their 18th production, “It’s A Thin Line” on Sunday, November 24th at the Douglass Theater in Macon.
In this edition of Milledgeville Matters, the Silas Agency’s Jarrett Silas, Shanice Yavaughn and Chris Davis join host Daniel McDonald to talk about their newest production “It’s A Thin Line” and how they’re developing their own style of dramatic stage plays.

Georgia College Honors Alex French On Restored Veterans Memorial

Nov 13, 2019
United States Army veteran Henry Craig salutes a marker listing Baldwin County service members who died during the Vietnam War.

On Veterans Day, the Georgia College Community honored the service and sacrifice of the local men and women who have served in the United States military.

During the ceremony, Georgia College President Steve Dorman paid tribute to Army Staff Sargent Alex French IV, the only Baldwin County service member who has died during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.