September 2021

Georgia College Connections | Constitution Week 2021

Sep 21, 2021
Schedule of Events for Georgia College's Constitution Week 2021 Celebration. You can learn more about Georgia College’s Constitution Week celebration and see a schedule of events at  

Over the course of a week beginning Friday, September 17, Georgia College convenes a series of conversations about the United States Constitution and the issues that challenge and evolve the document that lays out our federal government and our relationship to it.

During this preview conversation about Georgia College’s Constitution Week 2021 celebration,

Why This Times Talk Podcast | The U.S. and China: trouble ahead for the world’s most important relationship.

Sep 21, 2021
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On this edition of the Why This Times Talk Podcast, Georgia College Mass Communication Professor James Schiffman joined host Daniel McDonald to preview the upcoming Times Talk entitled The U.S. and China: trouble ahead for the world’s most important relationship.

Equality is in the air we breathe: Soul City and an awakening from the American Dream

Sep 21, 2021
Soul City Book Cover

In the early 1970s, Civil Rights Attorney Floyd McKissick broke ground on a radical idea to foster economic equality. With the backing of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the State of North Carolina and private backers, McKissick began laying out Soul City, a planned community developed around the ideals of African American economic and political autonomy.

But Soul City’s grand vision came into conflict with the political realities of the time and its potential was never realized.

Commissioners Pass Tax Increase

Sep 10, 2021

Taxes are going up in Baldwin County.


In a called meeting Wednesday, the Baldwin County Commission raised the millage rate to 10.5 mils from 9.83.


In a party line vote, the board’s three republicans, commissioners Henry Craig, Sammy Hall and Johnny Westmoreland supported the increase. They said raising taxes is necessary to cover the rising cost of delivering services including elections and public safety.


Georgia College Connections | Georgia College Publishes First Leadership Forecast

Sep 10, 2021
Image of the Inaugural Georgia College Leadership Forecast publication on a table along witha portion of a globe.

The Coronavirus Pandemic definitely changed the way we work, but what about the way we work together?

On a special edition of Georgia College Connections, GC Leadership Programs Director Harold Mock and host Daniel McDonald discuss new insight into organizations, and how we lead them, with the author of Georgia College’s inaugural leadership forecast.

Read the forecast at

Stewart Withdraws First District Candidacy

Sep 10, 2021
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Candidate Torie Stewart has withdrawn her candidacy for the first district seat on the Milledgeville City Council.


Stewart’s withdrawal came a day before a hearing to determine her eligibility to represent a portion of West Milledgeville.


In a notice dated August 26, Milledgeville City Election Superintendent Bo Danuser notified Stewart that her North Jackson Street residence is not located within the first district, and, therefore, she does not meet Georgia’s residency requirements to be a candidate for that Council seat.