Cause of Death for Missing Milledgeville Man May Take Weeks to Determine

Newton County Mississippi Coroner Danny Shoemaker says it is too soon to speculate on the cause of death for Milledgeville resident Tommy Lee Wilson.

He said the Mississippi State Medical Examiner’s Office is examining Wilson’s remains and the results of those tests could take several weeks to a month.

"In this case, they got to dot every i and cross every t to make sure they have the right diagnosis or cause of death."

Wilson’s remains were discovered in a wooded area beside a truck stop on Monday in Newton, Mississippi, a community 30 miles west of Meridian.

The discovery ended an almost week-long search that began when Wilson’s 18-wheeler was found vandalized and abandoned in the parking lot of the same truck stop, which is located just off of Interstate I-20.

Tommy Lee Wilson III was 36 years old.