GA Chamber's New Georgia Economy Tour Stops in Milledgeville

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On Thursday, March 31st, Milledgeville will host a stop of the Georgia Chamber’s New Georgia Economy Tour.

Each year, the Georgia Chamber travels the state to share information about the state of Georgia’s economy and to solicit feedback about how all stakeholders can contribute to a more prosperous Georgia.

This year, Georgia Chamber President & CEO Chris Clark says he’ll talk to communities across the state about three things: securing the infrastructure for future growth, developing our state’s skill sets to propel innovation that thrives on new technology and winning the war for talent in this post-pandemic labor market.

Clark joined WRGC Host Daniel McDonald to talk about how communities like Milledgeville might prosper in this economy and to invite all community members to engage in this year’s New Georgia Economy Tour.

The Milledgeville stop of the New Georgia Economy Tour takes place at 8 a.m., Thursday, March 31 at Georgia College’s Magnolia Ballroom on the corner of Liberty and Hancock streets in downtown Milledgeville.

You can register for this free event on the Georgia Chamber’s website