Presidential Primary, ESPLOST Referendum Postponed, Elections Officials Recommend Voting by Mail

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Local officials are preparing a longer ballot for May’s general primary election.


Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger postponed the March 24 Presidential Preference Primary over concerns about the coronavirus. The decision halted early voting across the state.


Baldwin County Elections Superintendent Todd Blackwell said ballots already cast in the Presidential Primary and local ESPLOST referendum will be combined with results from the general primary scheduled for May 19th.


“All voters who’ve already cast their ballots will receive the ballot that only has the May primary on it,” Blackwell said. “And all voters who have not voted in the pp and esplost will receive that ballot with the May primary ballot.”


Blackwell said the disruption means his office must now identify any voters who’ve already voted in person or applied for and cast a mail-in ballot, to be sure they get the proper ballot or combination of ballots when they return to the polls beginning in late April.


But as that next election approaches, Blackwell wants voters to know that his office will remain flexible as people change their habits to adapt to the threat of coronavirus. He recommends that people consider taking advantage of Georgia’s no-excuse, vote by mail option.


“We don’t know where we’re going to be in the process of this pandemic--whether we’re going to be on the decline orwhether we’re still going to be on the upswin --we don’t know,” he said.

“But again [I] encourage people to apply for their absentee ballot and have the ballot mailed to them and then they can mail it back. That’s an easy process and it limits exposure.”


You can check your registration status and apply for an absentee ballot at the Secretary of State’s My Voter’s Page at or contact the Baldwin County Board of Registrar’s office at 478.445.4526.